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Improving the environment in Donetsk

"Everybody has got the right to live in the environment, which is safe for life and health ... Everybody is guaranteed the right to have free access to information about the state of the environment...and also has the right to disseminate it."
Constitution of the Ukraine, article 50.

The problem of improving the state of the environment and raising the quality of life at the same time has become of high priority in the world and is very relevant for the Ukraine in general as well as for Donetsk region.

Donetsk City - the centre of industrial South-East of UkraineOur region produces 1/3 of the country's emissions into the air, 1/4 - into water and 1/4 of all waste production. We come into being half as much as we go. Our industry destroys the nature six times quicker than it happens anywhere in the Ukraine. At the same time 1/10 of the Ukrainians live in our region. This is a huge army of hardworking, talented people, who would like to see our land rich and beautiful, and who can protect it from decay...


Project Goals

  • To improve the state of the environment - look around, everything you see can be cleaner, we simply have to remember about that and do something;
  • To improve the process of providing information to the public on environmental issues - how much do you know about what you breathe, what you eat and drink? We'll help you to know more!
  • To involve the general public into the decision-making process on environmental issues - today it is not possible anymore to ignore the public opinion. Aarhus Convention was ratified by the Supreme Council and it requires that your opinion in environmental issues should be considered. We should know our rights and be aware how to use them. Let's do it together!;
  • To improve the system of environmental education in the schools of Donetsk - we can't afford to bring up indifferent to nature children. They are the ones we will hand over everything we have to preserve and redound. Join us, so that our children get necessary skills to take care of the Earth

Project Results

  • Working system of providing information to the public;
  • Working system of seminars for the target groups;
  • Experience from the events to involve the public, practical schemes of public involvement;
  • Annual information about the state of the environment in Donetsk;
  • Working system of public consultations; Sociological surveys results;
  • Working Environmental Business Association;
  • Working City Sustainable Development Council;
  • Methodological materials for teachers, manuals for school children;
  • Annual competitions for school children;
  • Working system of seminars for the teachers.

Project Nearest Initiatives

  • development of the public information system about the state of the environment;
  • holding a series of public campaigns devoted to the problem of household waste;
  • development of LA21 concept for Donetsk;
  • development of a training seminars system, which will be devoted to the issues of public engagement into the decision-making process, environmental education for Donetsk teachers;
  • development and integration of the small grant scheme for the city NGOs, which are trying to improve the state of the environment;
  • establishment of Ukraine Sustainable Cities Network;
    holding a series of public consultations on the environmental issues.

Project news

March, 4, 2003
Presentation of the TACIS project "Improvement of Solid Household Waste Management System in Donetsk Oblast" was held in the House of Nature. The presentation was opened by Mr. Bliznyuk, the governor of Donetsk Oblast. Achievements of "Rosa Vetrov" project in pubic awareness raising were highlighted.

February, 27 - March, 1, 2003
The training course "Actions and Campaigns in the public movement" was held for representatives of Ukrainian NGOs in the House of Nature by "Rosa Vetrov" project team. The manual "How to Hold a Public Campaign" developed within the project was presented at the training event.

February 21, 2003
Round table devoted to the discussion of public information and participation in environmental decision-making mechanisms was held in Donetsk City Council. "Rosa Vetrov" took active part in it.

January, 15, 2003
"Rosa Vetrov" prepares the launch of the pilot initiative in Kievskij raion of Donetsk. The goal of the pilot initiative is to provide people with the information about new constructions. Follow our announcements

December, 26, 2002
The project prepared the Concept of Public Information and Participation in Environmental Decision-Making Mechanisms. The Concept was developed for Donetsk City Council

December 6, 2002
"Rosa Vetrov" project held the workshop "Business and Packaging" for representatives of small and medium businesses in the House of Nature. The manual "Business and Packaging" was presented at the workshop. The workshop was held with the support of the State Agency of Ecology and Natural Resources and Donetsk Chamber of Commerce.

November, 28-29, 2002
The project run the workshop on public information and participation for representatives of ten State Agencies of Ecology and Natural Resources (from 10 different cities) and 5 regional inspections of Donetsk Oblast.

November, 15, 2002
The project run the training course "Education for Sustainable Development" for teachers from 10 cities of Ukraine.

November, 10, 2002
Rosa Vetrov project was invited to take part in the work of the National Team on Aarhus Convention Implementation.

October, 31, 2002
The training course on pubic information and participation in the decision making process was run for officials from State Agency of Ecology and Natural Resources in Donetsk Oblast










Indicators of sustainable development for Donetsk 2001 (in Russian) Here


Signing the Aalborgh Charter and becoming a member of the European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign will lead to a completely new environmental programme development approach: the development will consider economical impact on the environment and citizens of the city. So there is a goal. And it means we have to study experience of other countries. For example, experience of Great Britain, which was visited by Donetsk delegation, chaired by the Deputy Mayor, Mr.Moiseenkov...


"Rosa Vetrov" is in sight

Chris West, environmental advisor to the Department of International Development, inspected the realisation of 2 environmental projects, which are being carried out in Donetsk Oblast. One of them is "Rosa Vetrov" project, carried out in Donetsk, the other "Meotida" project - in Mariupol aims to establish National Landscape park on the Azov sea cost.

The State Agency of Ecology and Natural Resources is the Ukrainian partner in both of them. It gave a good account of itself as a reliable partner during the implementation of the previous Environmental Awareness Raising Project.



Sustainable City Committee (SCC) includes authoritative politicians, businessmen and scientists, who are concerned by the future of the city and are eager to influence the decisions, linked with the city development planning to make it environmentally sustainable.

Sustainable Cities CampaignEnvironmental sustainability means conservation of natural capital and consideration of environmental consequences of economical development, conservation of biodiversity, human's health, and also water, air and soil quality at a level, which will be enough to support the life and welfare of a human being, as well as plants and animals now and in the future.


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